My Beautiful Laundrette

My Beautiful Laundrette

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THE ART OF CINEMA: My Beautiful Laundrette

Fall, 2015 – Final Paper Assignment

Sections 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 & 06


Fall, 2015 – Final Paper Assignment

Please contemplate and then review any one of the five films viewed in this course in the form of an essay. * Your essay should be at least 3 full pages long, and contain your observations about the visual content/and stylistic approach of the director(s), as well as your opinion about the work, which you will back up with examples.

To help you decide what you want to comment on, ask yourself what you find most intriguing about the film; or most disturbing …

What makes it noteworthy? My Beautiful Laundrette

What effect does it have on the viewer?

Your answers will furnish your thesis, which will most likely be a statement about the film’s functions, effects, and meaning.

Examine how the work is formally organized. My Beautiful Laundrette

Remember that you must support any argument you make with examples from your chosen film.

*The films screened are available for review in the Pratt Library through Multimedia Services.

To summarize: My Beautiful Laundrette


_Background info and state your thesis


_Reasons to believe your thesis

_Evidence and examples to support the thesis


_Restatement of your thesis and discussion   of its broader implications

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