New Drug on Depression

New Drug on Depression

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A researcher conducted an experiment on the effects of a new drug on depression. The researcher had a control group that received nothing, a placebo group, and an experimental group that received the drug. A depression inventory that provided a measure of depression on a 50-point scale was used 50 indicates that an individual is very high on the depression variable. The ANOVA summary table appears next along with the mean depression score for each condition.

between groups 1,202.313

within groups 2,118.00

total 3,320.313

drug condition mean n

control 36.26 15

placebo 33.33 15

drug 24.13 15

A. complete the ANOVA summary table

b. Is f obt significant at α= .05; at α= .01?

c. Perform post hoc comparisons if necessary

d. What conclusions can be drawn from the F ration and the post hoc comparisons?

e. What is the effect size , and what does this mean?

f. Graph the means

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