OL 211: Milestone One Strategic Talent Management Initiatives

Strategic Talent Management Initiatives.

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OL 211: Milestone One: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives.

Instructions: You will write and submit on time, a 2-3 page written document that will include the two sections identified below:

Section One of your written paper (has two parts in it):
• Explain why the human resource function should be aligned (associated) with an organization’s strategic plan (use ideas from the Module One discussion on this topic).
• Explain how current global conditions in Maersk’s industry (case study) impact human resource management practices within this organization.

Section Two of your written paper (has three parts in it):
• Compare and contrasts recruitment and selection of internal versus external candidates, in general.
• Describe how Maersk (case study) has recruited and selected new employees who were aligned with the organization’s vision and goals.
• Assess the effectiveness (was it or not effective and why) of Maersk’s recruitment process and then determine the changes you would recommend to improve employee success and retention.

Writing Mechanics per APA:
• In addition to your two – three page written paper, include a title page and a reference(s) page.
• Use 12-point Times New Roman Font; Double space; One-inch margins
• Citations formatted according to APA style
• Writing is free of errors and written in a professional and easy to read format

Notes: You want to ensure your paper:
 Comments / statements in your paper will be support with evidence (references).
 Explanations are clear and detailed. Give examples.
 You demonstrate relationships between recruiting and the organization’s vision and goals (give examples).
 You identify which method of staffing candidates would be more beneficial for an organization (references).

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