Partnership Working

Partnership Working

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Partnership Working

you must address the report title given below and write a critical review of it drawing on relevant theory, policy and ethical issues, organisational frameworks and partnership working (2,500 words). You have been asked, as a new member of staff to prepare an advisory report (which must be evidence based) for the director of a newly established independent public service organisation on the title below:
Report Title:

The problem with partnership working is that staff prefer to work in silos

Criteria to follow to answer the above report title:
1. Discuss the central concepts of partnership working, inter-professional learning and inter-professional working and be able to apply them to their own practice context
This criterion considers whether a student is sufficiently conversant with the main concepts of the topic given and that they can be applied to practice appropriately. A definite position must be taken in relation to the topic and analysed carefully. Is it clear throughout what your analysis is? And how consistent is it – make sure it is not purely descriptive and that the analysis is balanced so that your voice comes through clearly and evidence is used to underpin your analysis rather than overwhelm it. The discussion should focus on the issues raised rather than trying to solve the problem or reach a happy ending.

Excellence will be demonstrated by an ability to apply concepts to practice in a sophisticated way in order to illuminate points and challenge current practice.

Partnership Working
2. Evaluate how different policies, professional codes, organisational frameworks and approaches impact on partnership working with stakeholders, users and carers within a context of policy change
This criterion rewards students who are able to raise the level of their discussion to demonstrate greater analysis of the topic in relation to wider organisational issues or professional values. This can include the level of sophistication in the writing and/or ideas expressed familiarity with the published work and originality of approach. Partnership Working

Excellence will be demonstrated by detailed discussion of selected different professional standpoints in relation to evidence and practice that rises above conventional stereotypes and tribalism

3. Discuss critically the factors that promote or hinder partnership working, including vision, culture, equality and diversity, joint solutions, accountability, risk management, information sharing and confidentiality

Partnership Working
This criterion refers to the student’s ability to demonstrate they have understood and can analyse key factors in partnership working as part of their discussion of the title. You must select and use theories, policies and practice issues and present them in an analytical way. This does not mean including everything but demonstrating a depth of knowledge by selecting wisely what to include in your work. It is important to demonstrate accuracy when discussing concepts, theories and policy documents.
Excellence will be demonstrated by evidence of wide reading and an ability to construct lines of argument or debate that show a considerable depth of knowledge.

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