political risks facing MNCs

political risks facing MNCs,

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Discussion 5:

Discuss the potential political risks facing MNC’s, and how firms can implement strategies to effectively mitigate risks,
and improve their relationships with foreign governments, as illustrated in the Chapter 10 opening-discussion case,
“Shell’s Russian Roulette.” Please post your Discussion based on the following questions:

1) What are two main concerns that MNCs should evaluate when doing business in Russia?

2) How can MNCs protect themselves from government action?

3) What proactive political strategies might help protect MNCs from future changes in the political environment?

4) How might alliances and joint ventures reduce risk and help relationships with government actors and other

LP5.1 Assignment: Managing Political Risk, Government Relations, and Alliances
This assignment assesses Competency 5: Analyze managerial decision-making and control within the context of international


Consider and explain Nokia’s strategy to mitigate risks and improve their relationships with China, when referring to the
“Internet Exercise: Nokia in China” on page 363 in the textbook. Complete this assignment by answering the following
1) What political risks does Nokia face in Asia, particularly China?
2) How can Nokia manage these risks?
3) How can effective international negotiating skills be of value to the firm in reducing its political risk and
increasing its competitive advantage in this area of the world?
Write a one to two page paper summarizing your findings. The written summary should be double-spaced using 12-point Times
New Roman font. You will need to cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper. Though the
paper need not be in APA format, the citations at the end do. One of those three citations may be from the Luthans and Doh
textbook, and one citation may come from an online website

5.2 Research paper references:
LP5.2 Assignment: Research Paper References
This assignment fulfills the writing intensive requirement for this course.


The university’s faculty has designated this course as a writing-intensive course. The assigned writing project must
include library/learning resource center research of print and electronic resources, periodic submission of drafts for
faculty review and feedback throughout the quarter, and a final paper of 2500+ words written in APA style. Student
research papers produced in this and other NAU courses may be eligible for the campus research scholarship competition.
Submit your Research Paper References to your instructor via the dropbox “LP5.2 Assignment: Research Paper References.”
This assignment is worth 25 points and will be graded based on the Writing Intensive Rubric guidelines requiring an in-
depth analysis of at least six research articles with no more than one non-juried/non-refereed Internet site being used.

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