preliminary research proposal

1.preliminary research proposal 2.Find Sources and Create an Annotated Bibliography

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Find Sources and Create an Annotated Bibliography for 1.5 pages
preliminary research proposal for 1.5 pages
details in the files
Preliminarily Research Proposal

Due Date for ENG #4163 (Mon/Wed Afternoon): Wednesday October 28

Due Date for ENG #4167 (Mon Evening): Monday November 9th (preferable to hand in at end of class on Monday October 26th)

Description of Research Proposals and their Purpose: Successful writers articulate for themselves exactly what they know at each step of their composing
process. This helps them see what they know – and what they still need to learn. This also helps them see when they can be really confident that they have an
argument to put on the page for others. What moves writers from step to step of the composing process is research that becomes more focused. Almost all
writers – all composers in almost any medium – start with a general idea or general interest in a topic. By doing initial and broad research into their area
of interest, they learn what aspects of the topic might be of concern to their audiences. A research proposal describes your plans to conduct and present
research on a particular topic. It can become very detailed, even including an annotated bibliography.

Task: For this assignment you will produce a 1-2 page preliminarily research proposal. (You may be asked to produce a more in-depth research proposal as a
part of your research essay). You will start with the semester theme (“Money and Success”), then define your general topic, narrow it down into a specific
topic, and then produce 15 questions to guide your initial research. You will then provide an example of 1 source that you plan to use from Rereading America
before finally stating why you are interested in this topic, what you think you could discover, and what you think you could tell a reader.

List these areas as follows:

1) Semester Theme = “Money and Success”
2) General Topic
3) Narrowed Topic
4) Questions to Guide Research
5) At least 1 source that you might use from Rereading America (you’re not locked into this, but you will have to use material from this textbook, so
start to consider now what you’ll use.)
6) A brief statement of why you are interested in pursuing this topic.

• Papers should be typed in a clear 12-point font such as Times New Roman.
• Double space the document and include 1 inch margins.
• Include your name, the date, the course and the assignment title on the first page.
• Include your name on every page thereafter.
• Number all pages consecutively and staple them together.

Grading: This proposal is worth 3% of the overall course grade.
Examples of General Topics and Narrowed Topics

General Topic Narrowed Topic

Women in the workforce → → → the number of women in politics in the United States in the last fifty years
Advertising → → → Advertising and democratic participation in the United States
The Internet → → → How Corporations shape Internet social networking sites
Poetry → → → Poetry written by people rooted in two cultures
Sports → → → College sports training and men’s body images
The civil rights movement → → → Organizational strategies of the civil rights movement

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