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After completing this course, you should be able to discuss these 8 concepts thoroughly. It is important you obtain developmental theories from your text in answering these questions. I would also suggest you incorporate information from public publication resources related to these concepts in supporting your responses to these concepts. These are short essay questions; make sure you identify the question you are responding to.  Please pay special attention to question 9. This paper should be eight (8) pages in length, double-spaced.

1          Discuss the concept of resilience, and identify the variables that influence the impact of stresses on school-age children.

2          Your text discusses five family functions that specifically relate to the love and encouragement needs of school-age children. Name at least three of these functions, and discuss what is involved in each one.

3          Discuss the special problems of bullies and their victims, and describe possible ways of helping such children.

4          List and describe in detail the three parenting styles described by Baumrind. Explain the effects of each of these three parenting styles on long-term outcomes for the children. Be sure that you answer is detailed and specific.

5          Describe the development of identity during adolescence, and identify the four major identity statuses by James Marcia.

6          Discuss the development of male–female relationships during adolescence, including the challenges faced by gay and lesbian adolescents.

7          Discuss three ways that schools can increase adolescent engagement in school. Include what research has found to be the most successful school climate.

8          Discuss the causes of depression in adolescents, and describe some contributing factors and gender, ethnic, and national variations in adolescent suicides and suicide attempts.

9          What did you learn about your development while studying the theories on child development in this course? Incorporate your cultural/gender/religious, developmental experiences on the above topic.

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