Public Personnel Administration

It has to be from this book “the new public personnel administration”.

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Seventh edition.

Lloyd G. Nigro • J. Edward Kellough

As the Texas workforce exceeds 13 million workers, the demand for continuing job growth to keep pace with population and economic growth is becoming a challenge. Write a paper that discusses what Texas must do to address its challenges for preparing an adequate workforce for its future demands. This paper should be limited to 5-7 pages. Data and references that support your presentation should be cited. The paper will be graded for clarity, accuracy, relevance, depth, logic, and writing mechanics.


This is an opinion and discussion paper. You have to have the book and write the paper based on it and you can also have some other sources, but the book has to be the main source.


I need the papers (5-7 papers) in 4 hours.


You HAVE to do all requirements in the description for the assignment.

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