qualitative research

qualitative research

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Rapport, The third part of qualitative research midterm exam.
Paper details
3. Rapport. (Rapport is the relationship between the researcher and participant)
In this part ( Rapport ) of exam, you should look at your fieldwork experience from this semester (participant observation, interviewing, documents and the work around them) and discuss it in terms of key concepts in qualitative research.
You should include specific, quoted, and cited references to at 3 different readings, including meaningful discussion of them rather than “name-dropping,” as well as a Works Cited list in APA or other specific style form. That is, you should find points in the readings ( I attach them with order) that you find particularly intriguing relevant to your own experience, and develop an original discussion of your experience using those points.
You should also include at least two specific, quoted references to your own fieldwork—i.e., any of the four kinds of fieldnotes; interview protocol, header information, or transcription; document collection or analysis ( They are pervious orders # 929435488, 206036993, 744537618.
Instead of one, integrated essay, you are asked to write 7 short answers (worth 6 points each) on the following topics: Please see and follow the work sheet and rubric in the guide exactly 100%.
References ( that you should & could take quote from )
1. Vaught, Sabina E Writing Against Racism. Telling White Lies and Reclaiming Culture
2.Glesne, C. (2016). Becoming a qualitative researcher: An introduction. Boston, MA: Pearson. Chapter 5.
3. You should bring another quote from third reference about Rapport.
However, be careful, for all quote , you have to put page numbers. You have to use quote and paraphrase in APA style 100% correct. 100n% NO plagiarism.
This has to be done with proof Reading.

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