Quizzes: Manufacturing theory

_____ theory says that manufacturers have the obligation to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the products they sell are free of defects likely to cause harm.
2. _____ theory says that manufacturers are responsible for all harm resulting from a dangerously defective product, even when the manufacturer has not been negligent and has met any all terms of their contract with the consumer.
3. According to the _____ theory of product liability, a manufacturer can avoid paying for a consumer’s injuries that result from a defective product if their sales contract with the consumer explicitly says the manufacturer is free from any warranty of merchantability.
4. Which of the following is NOT a factor used to determine negligence? More than one answer may be correct.
5. The due care theory is grounded in what ethical consideration?
6. The strict liability theory is grounded in what ethical consideration?
7. Moore identifies two types of accident prevention costs. What are they?
8. True or false: Moore believes competition usually is effective in forcing manufacturers to improve the safety of their products
9. Moore endorses what approach to product liability?
10. Who would pay the cost of drunk-driving accidents?
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