Religious Affiliation and Its Effects

Religious Affiliation and Its Effects on Attitudes toward Women

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I have started my research paper. So far I have completed the abstract, introduction and method. I would like for you to complete the rest of the paper, which includes the results and discussion. The results part is very important. These are some of the instructions from my professor for this part:
It is now time for analyzing the data based on your groups hypothesis. In order to do this you will need SPSS.
As a group you will need to determine what statistical test needs to be conducted to answer your hypothesis. I created a brief tutorial on the various statistical tests, when they are used, how to perform the test in SPSS, how to interpret the output, and how to write it in APA format. You can view it here:
I will attach my paper on additional materials. I have highlighted in yellow what I have written and I’d like to keep that.
Any other information that you see on the paper are just instructions or examples.

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