Reagan’s Rhetorical

Please read the file attached carefully. There is one requirement file and another two files for reading.( No sources need, just read Regan’s speech and copy
his word, see requirement example) Follow the example, please, and read the readings to know the basic idea about how to do the work.
Read Reagan’s Challenger Address
Reagan’s discourse has three primary goals:
1. Eulogizing the dead/Consoling the living
2. Restoring faith in the Space program
3. Reaffirming “American superiority”
Your task is to identify and explain how various parts of the discourse are working to guide the practical reasoning of Reagan’s audience(s). In other words,
how are ethos, pathos, and logos working to accomplish the speech’s three goals and, if relevant, what connection do those reasons to trust, feel, and agree
have with doxa? (It may help if you review the readings on practical reasoning and three ways of guiding practical reason before doing this ).
For example:
1. Persuasive Element: “For the families of the seven, we cannot bear, as you do, the full impact of this tragedy. But we feel your loss, and we’re
thinking of you so very much.”
Type of Reasoning: ethos
It demonstrates that the rhetor’s good will toward others by tapping into the common belief (doxa) that caring about others is a sign that someone is benevolent
This contributes to the goal of consoling the living
So, using the format above, identify and explain one instance of ethos and two instances, each, of pathos and logos. (Total is 5.)

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