Shooting an Elephant

Shooting an Elephant

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Contrast and Comparison Essay

In George Orwell’s essay “Shooting an Elephant”, Orwell gives a detailed account of an impactful memory to allow the reader to experience his specific truth about his experience and personal reality while serving the British Army in Burma. Find a secondary source that speaks to any aspect of his narrative that allowed him to capture the true nature of the psychological, sociological, and/or political issues he was portraying. Make a comparison of the texts argument, using the secondary source as a lens to interpret and further elucidate the issue you are exploring in Orwell’s work. Ideas to consider:
1. The effects of an imperialist agenda on the colonized and the colonizer
2. The concept of The Other and Process othering
3. The power of Peer pressure and the need to save face/one’s reputation
4. The use of narrative to delve into the human psyche, to make a socio/political commentary, to provide closure

Use 4-5 sample Evidence from both texts to support your Thesis.

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