Should minimum wage be raised

Should minimum wage be raised

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Your research paper topic should be narrowed down to a research question that is clear, concise, specific, and that doesn’t have a “yes” or “no” answer. Think of yourself as an investigator entering into an already debated issue. Your main rhetorical purpose is to persuade through information.
A. Format: 4 pages typed in MLA (formatting, in-text documentation). This does not include the work cited page and annotated bibliography. It should also be written in third person.
B. Sources:
a. Works cited: FOUR outside sources in your paper ONLY. Your textbook will serve as one of your sources. It is likely that you will look through many sources, but you can only use 4 such article and any material from the course textbook. Your sources should abide by the following: All source material should come from DCCC library online databases journal articles (ProQuest, CQResearcher, Academic Source Premier, Source Plus, etc.,). The textbook is Critical Thinking tools for taking charge of your learning and your life.
b. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY of the 4 sources at the end of the paper.
D. The topic that you will choose should be one that has two side of an argument. You will frame your position as a research question.
E. The research question can then be answered generally, by stating this: critical statement that will be supported by the research you have done.
F. “This research should focus on the connection between X and Y regarding this topic, and based on such research Z can be concluded. This is your thesis statement!!!
G. It will be broad enough to allow you to present all the research you find to inform the reader of the different perspectives and statistics that deal with the particular question you asked.
H. This is not an opinion paper, but rather one that is ground in sound logic and reasoning developed through thorough research.
a. Address various claim make of the topic of discussion. This includes arguments and counter arguments (both sides of the issue).
b. Identify all position (those that support your deductive reasoning and those that refute it. Argue if a position is reasonable, supportable, and worthy of being take seriously).
c. Are there levels of bias on either side of the argument? What are those biases? What fallacies are they grounded in (review chapter 13 on fallacies). Identify those fallacies and there structural bases.
d. Assume a certain intellectual level of your reader; therefore, very little definition and context information is needed.
e. A writer must offer reasons (the why?) to back the position up
f. Defining, Comparing/Contrasting, Ethics (Assumptions)
g. Offer facts, statistics, expert testimony, anecdotal evidence, case studies, textual evidence, and scholarly research

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