Social Ecology

Social Ecology

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Using Social Ecology as the major topic, and following the article instructions in the attached document, create an article that discusses the philosophy behind Social Ecology and how it relates to our world today. Use as many sources as needed, but keep in mind this article is mainly an opinion article, so use sources but do not over do it.
September 29, 2015
My name is Mark Painter, Professor of Philosophy at Misericordia University, and director of the Living Philosophy Project. We’re creating an online, open source undergraduate journal of philosophy called The Journal of Living Philosophy, and we are inviting student submissions from your department for our inaugural issue. Working with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and Open Journal Systems (OJS), in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh, we are creating a unique, new journal for undergraduate philosophers to publish their work. While the editorial board and Misericordia University will manage the journal’s content, the journal itself will be housed at the University of Pittsburgh. The journal will use OJS software, a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project through its federally funded efforts to expand and improve access to research.
We would like our first issue to go live in January, or February of 2016 and we are inviting submissions from your undergraduate philosophy majors and minors based on your own best judgment of the quality of the work. If a paper falls within the scope of the journal, we’ll publish it in our inaugural issue (in essence, you and other invited departments are functioning as our first editorial board). There is of course no fee and we will not maintain any rights of copyright or ownership over students’ work that would keep them from submitting their work elsewhere, or using it as they choose. All papers are considered continuously, so if for some reason a student’s paper is not included in the first issue, it will be considered for later issues. There is no page number restriction. After our inaugural issue, submissions may be made directly to the journal site. For this issue, however, we invite you to submit electronically any work no later than December 20, 2015 to me at the address below.
The scope of the Journal of Living Philosophy (JLP) is broad and interdisciplinary. We’re primarily looking for papers and projects that reflect a passion for the relationship between philosophy and the lived world:
The Journal of Living Philosophy is built on the idea that philosophy, as an academic discipline, arises from and ultimately belongs to the life-world of every human being, that philosophy, by its very nature, does not stand above and apart from human affairs, but rather, in the words of George Dennison, wishes us to draw near and “to empower us to think and do for ourselves” (from The Lives of Children). Seen in this way, studying and doing philosophy involve far more than merely engaging in an academic discipline, or mastering a professional body of knowledge. Rather, philosophy teaches us—all of us—to teach ourselves how to live well, to actualize ourselves as human beings.
“Living philosophy” is, simply put, philosophy that is lived and practiced, philosophy that arises from and returns to life. It is a way of thinking and acting that acknowledges the continuity between emotional life and intellectual life, between the body and the mind, between community and individuality, and that recalls that the original purpose of philosophy is to help us to become better human beings by critically investigating life together. It begins with the living questions we all ask and then grows them into the academic questions of philosophy. It then returns this understanding back to life again, not as the application of methods, or concepts to “real world” problems, but as an actualized and personal re-engagement with life and culture, with art, music, mathematics, science, education, literature, history, commerce, medicine, law and religion.
To this end, the Journal of Living Philosophy promotes undergraduate student research in a wide range of disciplines involving philosophical reflection. The Journal’s goal is to help students to develop both professionally and personally through their own philosophical work, to be meaningfully changed by their own thinking and intellectual discourse, and to synthesize living and academic questions. In pursuing this goal, the Journal hopes to facilitate the development of undergraduate philosophers by providing a venue for the publication of the ideas that will one day shape the future of philosophy.
Submission guidelines:
• Papers can be of any length, submitted electronically preferably in MS Word, RTF, or PDF form, to We accept Chicago or MLA style documentation.
• While we may suggest changes in style or content, we will work closely with authors to make sure that the final product is exactly what they wish to see in final print.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write or call. I would love to discuss what we think is an exciting new publishing opportunity for students of philosophy.
Please send electronic submissions no later than December 20, 2015.

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