Star power Analysis

Star power Analysis

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Analyze the in-class activity, Star Power game that was played among three groups of triangle circle and square. In the attachments is the paper guideline and the slides for the game you will find Analysis/dissection questions for the paper.

Primarily Ch 9 Govt and Econ and Ch 10 Social Class (Witt 2013) and “Uses of Poverty” (Gans)

StarPower – Use & Abuse of Power, Leadership & Diversity

Principles of Sociology – SOC 101
100 pts – 5 papers at 20 points each
Learning/skill Objectives – Students will be given the opportunity to:
• Explain and apply important sociological concepts, terms and ideas.
• Employ some sociological research methods (observation, content analysis).
• Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking.
• Write in a clear and concise manner.

 Your paper should be approximately 2-3 pages in length, typed, double-spaced with 1“margins in an easy to read 12
pt font.
 Each page should be numbered with SOC 101 and the date at the top as a header. Place your name and the honor code
on the BACK OF THE LAST PAGE so I may grade it anonymously.
 Use APA or ASA as a citation method including a sources cited page. Terms do not need to be cited but all quotes
and statistics do need citations.
 You should assume your audience is someone who is not familiar with the sociological concepts and ideas you are
 Bold all concepts, term, ideas and/or theories you incorporate.
 Underline or highlight your thesis and topic sentences .
 Also, you may want to research “higher order concerns in writing” to assist your efforts to improve your paper’s
logic and organization.

Each paper will be graded on both form (10 pts) and content (10 pts) based on the grading rubric posted on Blackboard.
A, A- – Indicates general excellence; work is distinctive in its thoroughness, innovative ideas and execution.
B+, B, B- – Indicates an unquestioned grasp of fundamental concepts/terms; work is logically organized
and technically correct.
C+, C, C- – Indicates a fairly accurate knowledge of basic concepts/terms; work is fairly logical in organization and
technique but is incomplete.
D+, D, D- -Indicates work is of inferior quality yet deserving of credit; work indicates some acquaintance with basic
concepts and principles but is poorly organized and technically faulty.
F – Indicates work shows no grasp of basic concepts/terms; work is poorly organized and technically faulty; assignment is

A Strong paper will:
• Clearly and accurately explain all terms, concepts, and ideas introduced (while avoiding quoting definitions).
• Demonstrate the relevance of an introduced concept or idea by applying it to the event or phenomenon being
• Incorporate a wide array of concepts and ideas to demonstrate breadth of knowledge while avoiding a “checklist” of
concepts that too tightly reflect the textbook organization. (Plan for 2-3 concepts or ideas per paragraph.)
• Integrate more complex and nuanced concepts and ideas (theories, perspectives, and the like) to increase
opportunities for an innovative analysis.
• Demonstrate precision when appropriate by supporting general statements with evidence in the form of specific
quotes or statistics (and cite accordingly).
• Have a clear purpose and logic as evidenced by a thesis, topic sentences and relevant supporting information that
advances an idea as well as strong sentence structure throughout. (Strong papers tend to require at least 2-3 well edited
drafts to meet this goal.)

Paper Topics

The Sociological Imagination – Due:
Analyze a current event using from a sociological lens.
Attach a copy of the news article(s) related to your event choice.
Sources: Ch 1 Sociological Imagination (Witt 2013); “The Promise of Sociology” (Mills 2000)

Baa Faa Analysis – Due:
Analyze the in-class activity, Baa Faa, Baa Faa,
Sources: Primarily Ch 3 Culture (Witt 2013); All prior course readings

*You should have at least one of the above papers submitted by Sept 23 (Week 5).

Bureaucracies/Social Structure Due:
Analyze an organization with which you have some familiarity (i.e. work, Hood College)
Sources: Primarily Ch 5 Social Structure and Interaction (Witt 2013); All prior course readings

Star Power Analysis – Due: Analyze the in-class activity, Star Power.
Sources: Primarily Ch 9 Govt and Econ and Ch 10 Social Class (Witt 2013) and/or “Uses of Poverty” (Gans); All prior course

Gender/Race – Due:
Analyze the children’s clothing, toys, or book section of a major retail chain.
Sources: Primarily Ch 12 Gender, Ch 13 Race-Ethnicity (Witt 2013), “Women and the Economy “(Gilman 2000), and/or “Souls of
Black Folk” (DuBois 2000); All prior course readings

Note: You should have at least four papers submitted by.
Monograph – Due: (may be 3-4 pages)**
Apply sociological thinking to an analysis of the course monograph.
Include a very brief summary (one paragraph) of the book near the beginning of the paper.
Sources: All prior readings in the course.
**You must submit this final monograph paper no later than 2 pm, , to my office, AD 313.

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