Strategic Management

Strategic  Management
Overview of Main report: 
You are required to conduct a strategic analysis and context evaluation for a real-life organisation – Singapore Post (
Focus on the mailing business of SingPost (local and global perspective)

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Strategic  Management

Conduct a macro-environment strategic analysis for the operating environment within which SingPost operates. (PESTLE 1200-1500 words), best to have some diagram/graph for the factors.

You must use analytical tools/frameworks that have been published in recognised scholarly publications.
Focus on developing and demonstrating:
• an understanding of the purpose of this analysis
• identification of key factors/forces and their implications in terms of key opportunities and threats
• Determine the overall direction of the operating environment in the future.
• Draw well reasoned conclusions that have been supported by analysis about the nature of the macro-operating environment of SingPost. Use this analysis to inform later aspects of your assignment.

Keep to the range of 1300-1500 words for PESTLE parts.
• Pestle should be linked back to the question.
• Follow the reference link on how to reference and cite the reference when using it. **Very particular**

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