BUS 475 Week 9 Discussion

BUS 475 Week 9 Discussion

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Strayer University North Charleston BUS 475 Week 9 Discussion
Determine whether the current organizational structure at Domino’s is a good match for its corporate strategies. Explain your rationale.

Evaluate alternative structures to determine which one would be most appropriate for Domino’s to consider and discuss likely benefits Domino’s would realize from adopting that structure. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Compare and contrast strategic controls and financial controls. Provide specific examples of how each may be used to best serve a corporation.

As a strategic leader, determine if you would feel ethically responsible for developing your firm’s human capital and state why. Discuss whether or not you believe your position is consistent with the majority or minority of today’s strategic leaders.

Describe leadership and management practices that can enhance an employee’s service when the employee is fixing a service failure. Provide an example with your answer.

Most service failures can be fixed. Identify a service failure in any type of hospitality organization that may not be able to be fixed. Determine what the organization would do in this situation

Identify three methods, techniques, tools, or strategies managers can use to recover from a service failure.

Recall an experience when you were either satisfied or dissatisfied with how an organization handled your complaint due to a service failure. Describe how you would have liked the situation resolved and how it differs from what actually happened at the time.

Although everything was fine five minutes ago, a secretary cannot get her computer to send a document to the printer. The document must be printed for the meeting her boss has scheduled to begin in fifteen minutes.

Analyze the contents of the balance sheet and determine which elements are most likely to present the greatest challenge to restaurant managers. Explain your rationale.

In addition to the balance sheet and income statement, determine what other financial information would be most important for managers to have. Provide two real-world examples of how that additional information could be used.

Imagine that you are the manager of your favorite restaurant. Discuss how you would use comparative financial statements to improve your day-to-day operations. Provide examples to support your response.

Imagine that you are limited to only three types of ratio analysis. Determine which three types of ratio analysis you will use and your reasons for selecting those three.

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