The Brief (Report)

The Brief (Report)
Part A (LO 1)

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From your own organisation or an organisation of your choice, briefly discuss the nature of Business environment in terms of following areas. Compare and contrast theoretical principles / concepts to applied practice.

– Organisation as a system
– Organisational Business operations
– Marketing and Supply chain
– Change management and culture

You may use appropriate examples from your organisation to illustrate your discussion.

There should be a level of literature research into all relevant topics that must be supported using the Harvard system.

Part B (LO 2)
Evaluate a project plan and delivery within your own organisation, and compare and contrast the techniques discussed in the sessions, demonstrating an understanding and application of the theory. There should be a level of literature research into all relevant topics that must be supported using the Harvard system.
You must carry out an objective evaluation of how the project was planned, implemented / handled and what tools and techniques were used and how. Were there any oversights? What could have been done differently? How could some theory have been applied to improve some of the outcomes?
Your work must be supported with academic rigour and referenced correctly to the Harvard standard. The report must follow the guidelines in terms of the structure below, but is by no means exhaustive:

Organisational / Project Structure
Team working
Planning, aims and Objectives
Gantt Charts (Microsoft Project)
Stakeholder analysis

Submission Requirements (Report for all students)
A word processed technical report based on a professional layout with a minimum of 2500 words following a guideline / structure below:
• Cover Page
• Contents
• Introduction
§ Literature Review (part B)
§ Evaluation of the Business attributes (part A)
§ Discussion
§ Conclusions
§ References and Bibliography
§ Appendices
• Spreadsheets
• Gantt charts
• Illustrations
• Photos
• Minutes of Meeting etc.

Part A – 1,250 words
Part B – 1,250 words

Reading List:

  • Maintland, I. (1999) Budgeting for Non-Financial Managers. Pearson.
    • Riggs, J, L. (1997) Production Systems: Planning, Analysis and Control. Wiley
    • Tooly, M. & Dingle, L. (2004) Higher National Engineering. Newnes
    • Wild, R. (2002) Essentials of Production and Operation Management. Thomson Learning
    • Wilson, D. (2002) Managing Information. 3rd Ed. Butterworth-Heinemann
    • Seely, J. (2002) Writing Reports. 1st ed., Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • Stanton, N. (1996) Mastering Communication. 3rd ed., Basingstoke: Macmillan.
    • Thompson, L. (2004) Making the Team: A Guide for Managers. UK: Prentice Hall

Recommended List:

Carnegie Dale, (2006), How to win friends and influence people, 3rd edition, Vermilion – Ebury Publishing.
Corvette, B. (2007) Conflict Management, a practical guide to developing negotiation strategies, Pearson Prentice Hall
Cotrell Stella (2003), Skills for success, Palgrave McMillan Publishing, Hampshire.
Covey Stephen, (2004), The 7 habits of highly effective people, Simon & Schuster
Freemantle, D. (2002) How to choose. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited

Knight Sue, (2009), NLP at work, 3rd Edition, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, London.

Laborde G. Z, (2009) Influencing with integrity: management skills for communication and negotiation. Wales: Crown House Publishing Ltd

Martin Curly, (2001), The life coaching handbook, Crown House Publishing Ltd
Megginson D. & Pedler M. (1992), Self-development, London, McGraw -Hill
Megginson D. & Whitaker V, (2004), Continuing Professional Di

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