The Importance of Major Gifts

The Importance of Major Gifts
To prepare for this Discussion:
Reflect on the nonprofit organization Young Life.
• With the organization in mind, review Chapter 7 The Importance of Major Gifts in the course text Achieving Excellence in Fundraising. Think about how you would define a major gift for the organization based on its size, mission, and resource development needs.
• Consider how receiving major gifts might positively impact the organization’s ability to meet resource development goals and deliver services.
• Think about why major gifts are important to the organization and the opportunities they present in comparison to small and medium gifts.
With these thoughts in mind:

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Post by Thursday 7/30/2015 9pm New York Time 1-2 Page Paper APA format …a brief description of the Younglife. Then state, using a dollar amount, what might constitute a major gift for this particular organization and explain why. Finally, describe why major gifts are important to this particular organization compared to small and medium gifts.


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