Translating Evidence Into Practice

Translating Evidence Into Practice

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Translating Evidence Into Practice
This paper will be part 3 (final paper) for this classes project. It stated in week 2 of the semester. It will consist of completing a cohesive paper from the 2 attachments (papers) that I will be supplying. The PICOT (Diabetes Mellitus) question that you will need to use is from my week 5 assignment. The version of the papers that you will be utilizing will be the corrected form from my instructor. Please make appropriate corrections as you are writing this final paper. The following provided information is important as all of the bullet points below must be addressed. The references needed to
complete this assignment are from the WK2 and WK5 attached papers and in attached file up loaded related to articles below. Only take references from the attached files I provided thank you. For question or concerns please contact me at any time.

PICOT Question is related to Diabetes Mellitus:

How can nurses use these methods (here you will need to distinguish methods) to reach the masses that need to be educated
on Diabetes mellitus?

Translating Evidence Into Practice: this is the title of the paper.

The 1st part of this assignment:

This paper will be 3-4 pages long to include an introduction (this area needs to have a reference and the last sentence
must begin with the purpose of this paper is to), the body (multiple paragraphs at least 5 sentences long) with subtitles,
and a summary to end this portion of the paper.

The 2nd part of this assignment:

Will be a 1 page Summary of the project in whole (this is separate from the summary needed to conclude the 3-4 page
paper). This project is focused on the 2 attached files please use these in the summarization of this Portfolio Project

In Part 3 of the Course Project, you consider how the evidence you gathered during Part 2 can be translated into nursing
Now that you have located available research on your PICOT (Diabetes Mellitus) question, you will examine what the
research indicates about nursing practices. Connecting research evidence and findings to actual decisions and tasks that
nurses complete in their daily practice is essentially what evidence-based practice is all about. This final component of
the Course Project asks you to translate the evidence and data from your literature review into authentic practices that
can be adopted to improve health care outcomes. In addition, you will also consider possible methods and strategies for
disseminating evidence-based practices to your colleagues and to the broader health care field.

To prepare: Bullet Points (remember the PICOT question is related to Diabetes Mellitus)

� Consider Parts 1 and 2 of your Course Project. How does the research address your PICOT question? (Diabetes

� With your PICOT question (Diabetes Mellitus) in mind, identify at least one nursing practice that is supported by
the evidence in two or more of the articles from your literature review. Consider what the evidence indicates about how
this practice contributes to better outcomes.

� Explore possible consequences of failing to adopt the evidence-based practice that you identified.

� Consider how you would disseminate information about this evidence-based practice throughout your organization or
practice setting. How would you communicate the importance of the practice?
To complete: Bullet Points

In a 3- to 4-page paper: to include an introduction (this area needs to have a reference and the last sentence must begin
with the purpose of this paper is to), body (multiple paragraphs at least 5 sentences long) with subtitles, and a
summary/conclusion within this paper

� Restate your PICOT question (Diabetes Mellitus) and its significance to nursing practice you will get this out of
my week 5 attached papers.

� Summarize the findings from the articles you selected for the literature review (this is a template used and
created in week 5 of the attached papers). Describe at least one nursing practice that is supported by the evidence in the
articles. Justify your response with specific references to at least 2 of the articles.

� Explain how the evidence-based practice that you identified contributes to better outcomes. In addition, identify
potential negative outcomes that could result from failing to use the evidence-based practice.

� Outline the strategy for disseminating the evidence-based practice that you identified throughout your practice
setting. Explain how you would communicate the importance of the practice to your colleagues. Describe how you would move
from disseminating the information to implementing the evidence-based practice within your organization. How would you
address concerns and opposition to the change in practice?

It should be cohesively combined with the other two components of the Course Project (WK2 and WK5 attached files) and
turned in as your Portfolio Assignment for this course.

In addition, include a 1-page summary of the project.

When you return this project to me there should be a 3-4 page complete paper and to totally separate 1 page summary paper
of the completed project.

Here are some additional suggested Resources that may be helpful: all of these articles I have retrieved and will attach
as file upload.
(you do not have to look them up as I will provide the full article for you)I hope this is helpful.

Katapodi, M. C., & Northouse, L. L. (2011). Comparative effectiveness research: Using systematic reviews and meta-analyses
to synthesize empirical evidence. Research & Theory for Nursing Practice, 25(3), 191�209.

Krainovich-Miller, B., Haber, J., Yost, J., & Jacobs, S. K. (2009). Evidence-based practice challenge: Teaching critical
appraisal of systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines to graduate students. Journal of Nursing Education, 48
(4), 186�195.

Shaheen, M., Foo, S., Luyt, B., Zhang, X., Theng, Y-L., Chang, Y-K., & Mokhtar, I. A. (2011). Adopting evidence-based
practice in clinical decision making: Nurses’ perceptions, knowledge, and barriers. Journal of the Medical Library
Association, 99(3), 229�236.

Tagney, J., & Haines, C. (2009). Using evidence-based practice to address gaps in nursing knowledge. British Journal of
Nursing (BJN), 18(8), 484�489.

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