Tutorial Presentations

Tutorial Presentations

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Assignment 1: Tutorial Presentations (20%)

You are required to do a power point presentation about one of the case study scenarios available in the unit textbook
“International Marketing” by Fletcher and Crawford and listed in the following table. You need to search the internet,
refer to the book and lecture notes to obtain the required information to address the questions / task items stated at the
end of the chosen scenario.

You need to link the information obtained to the knowledge acquired and theories learned. You need to cite a minimum of
three academic references.

Scenario Title / Topic Page
Scenario 1 Australia’s trade performance 27
Scenario 2 Takeover by Chinese companies 71
Scenario 3 Turmoil in the Eurozone
Greece, Spain and Italy 106
Scenario 4 Japan and South Korea Exports 151
Scenario 5 Integrating Technology in a business
The case of Flight Center Australia 192
Scenario 6 Social Media and Consumerism
The case of Procter and Gamble 217
Scenario 7 Conducting Research in India and Japan by Australian firms 252
Scenario 8 Deus ex Machina: Clothing, books and motorbikes shop for street life culture 289
Scenario 9 Budget Airlines, the no frills drive
Case of Ryanair 335
Scenario 10 Qantas and Emirates Partnership 360
Scenario 11 Colgate and Avis international challenges 421
Scenario 12 Expansion of “Premier Investments Australia” overseas 450
Scenario 13 IKEA international communication challenge 524
Scenario 14 Darrell Lea Australian Chocolate going overseas 562
Scenario 15 Marketing education, the new export goldmine 595

The assessment criteria are highlighted in the following page.
Assessment Criteria:-
80-100% D
70-79% C
60-69% P
50-59% N1
40-49% N2
Excellent Very Good Good
Meets minimum standards
Does not meet minimum standards

Weighting NOTE:
(1) Video material is not permitted.
(2) Slides must be accompanied by notes relating to theories used in services marketing.
10 C1-Introduction, Background and Importance
Clear and concise introduction about the case study / scenario. Clear and accurate background of the organization/ topic
of interest/ industry. Recent interest and/or importance of the topic have been highlighted.

30 C2-Analysis
Analyze the scenario by integrating the theories and concepts of international marketing.

30 C3-Answer the questions
*Address all questions raised in the case study.
*Provide clear and feasible recommendations as well as future directions.

20 C4-Presentation format
*The presentation is creative, well-thought out.
*Presentation includes at least three academic references

10 C5-Audience Involvement
*Presentation was tailored to the target audience. Presenters effectively encouraged audience involvement where/if
*Presenters did not exceed the time limit.

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