Understanding the Customer

Understanding the Customer

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Topic: Understanding the Customer

Assignment #2 – Individual
Topic: Understanding the Customer
Marketing 116-007 – Fall 2015
15% of Final Grade / 82 Marks
Due Date – Week 9

Overview/Assignment Objective:

“Consumers’ product and service preferences are constantly changing. To address this constant state of flux and to create
a proper marketing mix for a well-defined market, marketing managers must have a thorough knowledge of consumer behavior.”
(Lamb, 2013)

This assignment will assist you in better understanding the consumer. “Understanding how consumers make purchase decisions
can help marketing managers in many ways.”(Lamb, 2013)

You are a new marketing consultant working for two different clients:

a) First you are working for Nike helping them produce a new line of athletic shoes to be targeted to students.

b) Then you will be consulting with Apple Canada on their current website for both the MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro

Report Questions:


1. List and explain five (5) athletic shoe product attributes that might appeal to the student subculture. (5 marks)

2. Now list and explain the steps in your customers’ decision purchase process. (10 marks)

3. Recommend three (3) marketing strategies that can influence the targeted customer’s decision to purchase, be
specific. (15 marks)


4. Describe the level of involvement and the involvement factors likely to be associated with buying a new MacBook
product. (5 marks)

5. Now visit Apple’s website: – do you think the site simplifies or complicates the process for the
average consumer? Explain your rationale in detail. (10 marks)

6. Now make three (3) marketing web site recommendations for Apple that can better influence and/or simplify the
targeted customer’s purchase decision, be specific. (15 marks)
Report Requirements:

• Provide a word processed professional report outlining you’re your understanding of the customer and
• Your report must be five pages in length, single spaced with a font size of 12, including cover and reference
• Your cover page should include the report title, your name, student #, course code, section number, professor name
and a copy of the rubric below.
• Your report will be graded out of 82 marks and will represent 15% of your final grade.
• The report must be authored individually by the MKTG 116-Fall 2015 student to be graded
• Place your finished report into the MKTG 116-007 assignment e-drop box before midnight November 13th, 2015. Please
also bring a paper copy of your typed assignment to class for your professor.
• Late assignments will NOT be accepted unless extenuating circumstances exist with supporting documentation.
Assignment #2 – Marking Rubric
Report Component Your Mark/
Potential Mark
• Product attributes /5
• Customer purchase process /10

• Marketing Strategies
• 1st recommendation
• 2nd recommendation
• 3rd recommendation

• Involvement, and involvement factors /5

• Website Critique /10
• Website Strategies
• 1st recommendation
• 2nd recommendation
• 3rd recommendation

• Overall Report Style/Format
o Your report should professional written and should be error free as it relates to spelling/grammar/ punctuations
• APA Citations /5

Report Mark: /70
Weighted Grade: /15%

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