University of California Personal Statement # 2

University of California Personal Statement # 2

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PROMPT: Describe the world you come from — for example, your family, community or school — and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

Our family shapes our strong-held beliefs and those beliefs carve our aspirations. My dream is to pursue a medical career and through that honor the life that my uncle lost by saving many other lives. My uncle succumbed to leukemia after a seven-month fight and ever since he has become my inspiration and strengthened my cause to go into the medical field. After seeing the pain, trouble, and helplessness that my uncle faced throughout those seven months, I want to help others and prevent them from facing such tribulations. I want to by pursuing the medical field, be able to narrate to others the story of my uncle and tell them to not take life for granted.

University of California Personal Statement # 2

My uncle was an immigrant from India and the hindering force that stopped him from coming to the top was the lack of education and comprehension of the English language. Throughout his life he toiled night and day trying to provide the best for his family. However, in a matter of a few months everything was swept away right in front of our eyes. I watched how in the hospital his endless enthusiasm was held back and how his family’s future started to crumble. I stood there on the day of his death helplessly listening to the monotonous sound of the flat line. My uncle was a match and the fire that ignites it is I; with that match ignited, I aspire to be the person who instilled with his uncle’s zest will stop other families from crumbling.

University of California Personal Statement # 2
My uncle was the person that taught me to do for others what you couldn’t do for your own. And with this I hope to be a person that others look up to in the future. I want others to be able to see my uncle’s reflection in my eyes. After my uncle’s passing, I very soon realized that in order to help others it is important to see the world through their eyes. And through the support of my family and with their hands below my every step, I will very soon be in the medical field saving countless lives and stopping families from falling into that void.

University of California Personal Statement # 2

In the medical field, I do not want the fame and money associated with it, the only thing I want is to see the smiles on the faces of people upon receiving that gift of life. The bond between humans and doctors is one that has its roots firmly set into the ground. Doctors are besides us from the day we are born till the day death consumes us. We the people are the matches and the doctors are the strikers that ignite the matches but sometimes a match just won’t ignite. My uncle’s match never did ignite but he will be happy to see me igniting the lives of others

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