Volunteer work paper

Volunteer work paper

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Volunteer work paper

After your volunteer work, write a minimum of 2 completely full typewritten pages and greater than 700 words of your own written text, double-spaced, and 12-point Times New Roman font about

what you did,

why the organization/agency needed this work, and

how this work contributes to our environment.

These typewritten pages are to be your own words. Other material (photos, tables, reference section, quoted material, etc.) do not count toward the page total.

Research of your own that helps explain the history and environmental significance of your volunteer work is required to receive an average grade. Quotes, ideas, and paraphrased material must have citations both in the body of the text and in a references section. If you reference any organizations or cite any information, please include a literature cited section (bibliography) at the end referencing all your information sources (see below for examples). Your report will be graded on completeness, content, environmental impact, organization, and writing (including English, grammar, spelling etc.) in addition to your volunteer effort.

You must also include a full reference to ALL the sources you use by using in-text citations as well as listing them in proper bibliographic format (in alphabetic order) on a separate reference page. You may choose to use the APA or MLA styles of citation, but please be consistent in using one or the other throughout your paper and bibliography.

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The volunteer work i do with Earthcorp( the volunteer organization) and At Panther Lake in Federal Way on Saturday October 24th

About this event: Come join EarthCorps in working at Panther Lake Open Space, a 78.72 acre greenspace which serves as wonderful habitat with a year-round body of water and forested walking trails. Open space trail system around Panther Lake connects to the BPA Trail and the West Campus Trail. Wetland areas such as Panther Lake provide essential wildlife habitat and attractive places for people to relax, stroll and learn about rich natural ecosystems. Volunteers should expect to remove invasive plants and perform restoration site maintenance in an effort to restore this urban forest. ( it is from the website

What we have done: While the exact tasks at hand vary, our projects focus on improving the forests and parks in our local cities. Healthy and thriving forests are vital to our community because they absorb and naturally filter rain water, absorb toxins in the air, produce clean oxygen, provide living spaces for wildlife, and they create a place for people to connect with the outdoors.


In order to help create healthy forests, we focus on removing aggressive weeds (like English Ivy or Himalayan Blackberry), maintaining areas where these weeds have been removed, and planting trees and shrubs during the rainy season.(from the website) ( it is about what we do, like the gloves, tools, remove seed and planting again)

From myself: what i have done is to use the tool (you can see in video link) to dig into the solid and pull out and remove the aggressive seed( it is blackberry) to prevent too many blackberry grow (i dont exactly know but you can do research about it), after this we plant the trees and they are different kind of trees i think, after we plant the trees into the solid and we put a cardboard that have hole in the middle and surround the tree, and put the wood shaving on the cardboard, many of them and cover the whole cardboad but cover the tree. the cardboard is the protect the plant in summer and wood shaving is not letting black berry growing and absort plant water. The mainly help for this event is increase diversity, let the bird stay, help for air pollution and breathe and biodiversity, etc( do research about this).

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