What is nursing excellence?

What is nursing excellence?

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DB1 response: What is nursing excellence?

Response Post:
•Provide a Thoughtful response to at the two other student’s initial postings provided below (DO NOT )..
• Word limit (100 minimum and 200 maximum) excluding references.
• Assignment should include a minimum of 2 professional references. One reference may be a text book. One must be a
refereed journal article, and the other may come from a professional website. All journal articles must be no older than
five years.
• Use APA format.
• No direct quotes are allowed in the discussion board posts.
. An introductory sentence or two should introduce your reader to your subject and the purpose of your writing. Some
sample purpose statements should include:
a. to inform…
b. to explain…
c. to call to the reader’s attention…
d. to persuade…
e. to summarize…
2. An introductory paragraph should explain to the reader what will be discussed throughout your paper. What do you plan
on focusing on? This can be useful for using subheadings.
3. Bridging paragraphs- this means between paragraphs you need to think of constructing a bridge that leads your reader
from one paragraph to the next. A bridge tells a reader how the two pieces are connected. How are the paragraphs
connecting your thoughts? Never trust your reader to automatically come to the same conclusions and connections that you
4. A concluding paragraph should be 50 words and remind the reader of the main ideas without repeating them.
5. A concluding paragraph should:
a. briefing summarize your key points
b. discuss the topic’s wider implications
c. be decisive
d. avoid introducing new ideas.
When applying these rules to your discussion board, an introduction paragraph may be an introduction section. Sometimes It
may start with this discussion board will analyze (review, explain, etc) … and your topic. Then end with a sentence that
says ‘In conclusion’, ‘My overall findings’, ‘In summary’…etc.
Your paragraphs should be fully developed with 5-6 well developed sentences (compound) making up a solid paragraph.
Post 1

2 hours ago
Marti Mchale
Nursing Excellence Definition
Nursing organizations have a place in health care organizations that is one that advances the nurse as a practitioner that
practices with excellence. Providing excellent care to patients requires nursing professionals to acquire knowledge that
is relevant to achieve this goal. This discussion board post presents two nursing organizations that achieve this aim by
focusing on the education of nurses.
The first organization is the National League of Nursing (NLN), which is an organization invested in the strength of
faculty members and the education offered to nurses (Howell-Adams, 2015). Through support of nursing education programs,
the NLN empowers them to enter the workforce with the best possible clinical skills as health practitioners. It plays a
role in nursing education by contributing to the development of professional nursing, linking nursing professionals
together, monetary support, examination services, and initiatives pertinent to current events in society (National League
for Nursing, 2015). When it comes to nursing education, the NLN provides supports with innovative approaches that favor
nursing students’ experiencing real life working situations that are simulated, which in turn allow for the drawing of
conclusions related to practicality, feasibility, and areas of need of reconfiguring (LaFond & Van Hulle Vincent, (2013).
As student performance during simulations can used be used quantitively to obtain research findings to improve the
efficacy of nursing care delivery process. allow findings rely on simulated real-life situations while nurses are
students. The NLN provides financial support to help purchase such an educational tool that does have a high cost
attachment. But by committing assistance to the purchase, the NLN provides nursing students with psychosocial growth
needed for providing excellent care to patients in a tangible that is theoretically not encountered initially at the
bedside. As implied, simulators are not used for acquisition of simple nursing assessments and implementations; they are
probative for the more complex care of patient care situations most intimidating in the real world. Support by practicing
nursing professionals with monetary contributions to the NLN are worthy for the organization does much to improve the
competency in the field at its professional nascency.
The second nursing organization I wish to discuss would be the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). This
organization’s purpose is to evaluate nursing programs at the bachelor, master, and doctoral level offer curriculums that
follow educational plans that produce nursing professionals prepared to follow quality standards of care that provide best
patient outcomes (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2015). The AACN plays a keep role in nursing education by
verifying school curriculums are appropriate to develop competent nurses, conferring accreditation upon confirmation
program strictures adequately meet competency requirements (AACN, 2015). As an organization, the AACN provides
fundraising effort and allocation of raised funds to investigate health issues presently relevant to society. The nursing
professional properly educated needs financial support to allow purchasing of the technology and materials needed to
practice. As an organization committed to nursing excellence, the AACN is instrumental in advocating for the allocation
of funds from governmental sources to give fiscal reality to the high cost of a proper education possible (AACN, 2015).
As a nurse, I am thankful for the recognition that infrastructure must be present in the education arena to produce
competency skills needed to be an excellent care provider. Thus, I would provide support to the organization as a nurse
given its commitment and vigilance to educate nurses with the necessary exposure to healthcare practices.
In conclusion, professional nursing organizations who purposely set forth to support the learning and acquisition of a
sound knowledge base in nursing elevate the stature of the profession. Educating nurses is expensive and non-profit
organizations acting in concert with academia and the public needs are helpful in my career growth and development. With
such proactive support and training, what occurs for nurses worldwide is the ability to rely on training to give the best
possible excellent care that successful or not can be considered by the nurse a faithful attempt to meet all the needs of
patients, which is the ultimate achievement in the life of a nurse.
American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2015). Advancing higher education in nursing, About AACN. Retrieved
Howell-Adams, M. (2015). President’s message: Living the NLN life through member engagement. Nursing Education
Perspectives, 36(5), 275-275 1p.
LaFond, C. M., & Van Hulle Vincent, C. (2013). A critique of the National League for Nursing/Jeffries simulation
framework. Journal Of Advanced Nursing, 69(2), 465-480 16p. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2648.2012.06048.x
National League for Nursing. (2015). The voice for nursing education. Retrieved from

1 day ago
Alecia Ngo
Nursing excellence

This post will discuss two different nursing organizations and the impact they have on nursing and the patient population
that they serve. The two selected organizations are the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National League of
Nursing (NLN). This post will highlight each organization’s purpose, role in nursing education and research, how the
organization supports nursing excellence and as a nurse discuss whether or not I would support the organization.
The WHO was established over 60 years ago and its’ purpose focuses on worldwide health issues. The WHO plays a vital role
in global health concerns, forms agendas for health care research, constructs evidence-based policies and monitors
worldwide health care trends (Ferguson, 2015). The WHO consists of a multidisciplinary health care team comprised of
nurses, doctors, occupational therapists and mental health providers. The multidisciplinary health care team effectively
communicates health care needs between the individual and other members of the healthcare team to combat chronic disease,
nutrition problems and mental health disorders. The WHO also fights discrimination, supports environmental initiatives
and provides medication, education, health care, and preventative interventions across the world. The impact of WHO on
nursing practice is substantial. It assists the nursing practice by promoting and supporting nursing autonomy, research
and values and improves access to healthcarefacilities which improves the delivery of healthcare. The WHO supports
nursing education by providing educational opportunities and expanding educational access. The WHO assists nursing
research by researching, utilizing and promoting evidence-based practice. The WHO upholds a code of ethics and is
politically active. Political activities of The WHO include developing health care regulations across the world, playing
a role in tackling discrimination against women and becoming a part of the Civil Society Initiative which connects the WHO
with nongovernmental organizations (Ferguson, 2015). WHO plays a large role in nurse and patient advocacy and upholds the
health care rights of the individual. I would support the WHO as a nurse because WHO provides invaluable services to
patients and nurses such as increasing access to health care, supporting the environment, and providing educational and
preventative services to the world.
The purpose of the National League of Nursing (NLN) is to provide services that promote professional development, provide
testing centers, contribute funds for research grants and plays a role in developing public policy initiatives (NLN,
2015). The NLN has a large impact on nursing practice by providing educational and financial resources that develop the
nurse professionally. The NLN plays a role in nursing education by providing classes and financial assistance through
grants. The NLN promotes nursing excellence by promoting nursing education which provides a knowledgeable nursing team to
the patient. The NLN promotes nursing excellence by fostering and valuing diversity and promoting effective communication
(Bleih, Macwillians & Schmidt, 2015). As a nurse I would support the NLN because of the educational and financial
resources that it provides. Although the NLN has consistently provided funding for research, the need for additional
financial contributions are necessary for future initiatives in nursing (Duffy, 2011).
In conclusion, the WHO and the NLN are nursing organizations that provide invaluable services to nurses and the patient
population. Services from the organizations include nursing research, education, improving access to health care,
preventative education and health care services. Both organizations promote the health and well-being of the patient and
health care team as well as promoting nurse autonomy, education and research. The invaluable services that each
organization provides has improved cost effectiveness of treatments, improved access to health care and positively
impacted chronic diseases.


Bleich, M. R., Macwilliams, B. R., & Schmidt, B. J. (2015). Advancing diversity through inclusive excellence in nursing
education. Journal of Professional Nursing, 31(2), 89-94 doi:10.1016/j.profnurs.2014.09.003
Duffy, J. R., Frenn, M., & Patterson, B. (2011). Advancing nursing education science: An Analysis of the NLN’s Grants
Program 2008-2010. Nursing Education Perspectives, 32(1), 10-13 4p. doi:10.5480/1536-5026-32.1.10
Ferguson, S. L. (2015). Global Health. The World Health Organization: Is it still relevant?. Nursing Economic$, 33(2).
Retrieved from
National League for Nursing. (2015). The voice for nursing education. Retrieved from

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